IMG_1171So here’s the deal…My name is Kat Collins and I love wine. It’s that simple. Some would say I’m a late bloomer in the wine world. I didn’t really get serious about wine until 2008 (31 years old). My religious upbringing believed wine was of the devil and promoted all sorts of sins. I’ve since discovered that there is a reason Jesus turned water into wine…it’s delicious! Okay…maybe it had more to do with the miracle thing, but still…

For several years I studied cheese with the intent of opening my own cheese shop. While that plan was tabled for various reasons, I found myself in a job as a manager at a winery. Guess what? Cheese knowledge translates into wine knowledge!  The premises are similar…taste, scent, terroir, aging, and so on. It was a natural fit and from there, my wine world exploded.

In 2016, I completed Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 2 with Merit and I’m starting Level 3 in January 2018. My goal is to become a Master of Wine. I am a contributing writer to American Winery Guide. Currently, I am a Tasting Room Manager at a winery and have participated in wine festivals, wine dinners, wine pairings, wine tastings, wine fundraisers, and more. 

This blog has evolved many times over the years but has always been about my two loves: food and wine. The blog morphed into a blog to educate people about wine, then evolved into a blog more specifically about East Coast wine, then even more specifically Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley wine. I want to change the stigma and misconception that Pennsylvania wine is all sweet, and not good sweet. There is high-quality dry wine in PA! Why the Lehigh Valley specifically? Read this article here about why I think the Lehigh Valley is the next Finger Lakes.

Somebody asked me one day if all I drink is Pennsylvania wines. Well – I drink all kinds of wine; red, white, semi-sweet, sparkling, ice wine. I always keep an open mind and enjoy trying new wines from all over the world.  I will focus on and highlight Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley, but I will also share with you all the other wonderful and maybe not so wonderful wine along with the wine regions I will visit. It’s a mix of serious and snark. A little satire, fun, and punching at the truth.

In addition to my wine studies, I have a Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts, with a minor in Psychology, 45 credit hours towards Master of Arts Art Therapy, including 400 internship hours. I’ve attended a marketing Pennsylvania wines seminar by Stuart Pigott, founder of Rockstars of Wine America, in 2016. I am a published writer (print and digital) with over 20 years of blogging experience, as well as an accomplished artist.

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Kat Collins

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