Wine Tasting parties are a fun way to learn about wine while enjoying the great company of friends in a private setting. We come to your residence with a selection of wines, you invite your friends, have them bring a dish and it’s a party or have our Wine Expert take care of all the details at your location of choice.

Private Wine Tasting Parties let you be in charge of the way you want to experience wine
• Pick a date
• Schedule a Private Consultation with our Wine Expert
• Formal or casual
• Themed: Napa Cabs, Old World Delights, Pinot Party, etc
• Your home or selected venue
• Food pairing: Spread of cheeses, meats, and olives, hors-d’oeuvres
• Includes an educational hand-out for the wines tasted that night
• Wine Expert guided tasting, 1-hour.

Basic At Home Wine Tasting Party

Minimum 8 people
3 bottles of red wine
2 bottles of white wine
Wine selected by Wine Expert
Tasting Sheets
Wine Expert Guided Tasting – 1 hour
Starts at $200

Also Available
Hors D’oeuvres, Cheese, Meats, Olives, Fruit


Have you ever been in a position where you had to organize the party?
Pick the dates, the place and . . . wait;
How many people are coming?

What can I offer them to eat?
How much does each person drink?
Should I serve only Wine & Beer?
Or should I venture into mixed drinks?
Who will serve the drinks?
Do I want to be tending to my guests all night long?

If you are a little overwhelmed, we don’t blame you! Organizing a party can be exciting, but also intense. We have extensive experience in the food and beverage industries that can make the organizing of your event an ease versus a stress. Give us a call and schedule a free appointment so we can assess your event’s needs.


Who Needs Wine consulting?
Everyone in this saturated market of wine needs Wine Consulting if you truly desire to enjoy the wines you purchase. Everyone can benefit from having their wine selected according to their specific needs and tastes. It makes for a smart buy.

• Personal Wine Consulting / Wine Shopping
Arrange a private consultation with a Wine Expert. A meeting will be set over the phone or in person to discuss your current wine taste, purchasing habits and adventurous spirit. She will recommend wines for you. You can opt to purchase the wines yourself or have the Wine Expert do it for you.

• Event Wine Consulting
Nothing is more important than a special event, if you are planning it, let our Wine Expert assist you with the spirit and wine selection for that perfect and memorable event.
Celebratory: Anniversaries, Ceremonies, Receptions, Birthdays, Special Dinners, Holidays and any other worthy event of some great tasting Wine!
Business: Product Launches, Business Receptions, Lunches & Dinners.